Vinnie was caught in a feral poodle round-up in Vermont back in January '98.
He now resides in Tiverton, RI.

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Vinnie romps loose in ballfield with Pack-Mates

A Vermont Tale | A Feral Poodle Story

In Germany, a wild poodle is known as "En vild dvaerg puddel"

"Like a pack of hungry piranhas stalking the frozen Serengeti tundra's redwood forests for their next feral poodle brunch"

"Then we saw them, a moving mass of grey and white and black, dirty, curly-haired little dogs, all poodles, moving up from the creek . . . the herd was running full bore, and now they were on us.

"I lunged left and pulled myself up on the dumpster. I reached down for Billy's hand but it was too late, the poodles were on him. He went down fast and I heard the most terrible sounds . . . tearing and cracking of bones . . . screams like I never heard, before or since, I couldn't take it . . . I jumped up and pulled myself onto the roof and escaped. I never went back there. It shook me so bad I left town the next day . . . but I'll never forget the sight of poor Billy covered in those little beasts, their matted curly hair flecked with his blood . . ."

"I got my hair permed last night…and I’ve been quite obsessive about the whole deal . . . envisioning myself with these horrid corkscrew curls that would make me look like a love child between Shirley Temple and a feral poodle."

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